Refine Search GREAT PLAINS YP1625

USD $29,000
Pigg Implement Sales
Sullivan, Indiana, USA
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Manufacturer GREAT PLAINS
Model YP1625
SerialNumber A1052B
Condition Used
StockNumber bell
NumRows 32
RowSpacing 15 in
CentralFill Yes
Coulters Yes
DownPressureType Spring
FertilizerType Liquid
FieldReady Yes
Folding Yes
FoldingType Front Fold
Markers Yes
Monitor Yes
NoTill Yes
PlanterType Pull
PowerType Mechanical
RowCleanersAdjust Mechanical
RowCleanersType None
SplitRow Yes
TwinRowPlanter Yes
REDUCED...VERY NICE Great Plains YP1625, Bulk, Fertilizer, Corn and Bean, Copperhead Spike Closing Wheels, Always Shedded, Selling on Consignment, VERY NICE FIELD READY PLANTER
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